Do you really charge the price that is listed here?

Yes, what you see if what you get, no hidden costs, no tricks, no games.

What if I need further help from you to maintain the site?

For websites that are going-concern (i.e., not temporary landing pages for conferences etc.), we usually maintain a retainer contract our clients to help with non-trivial upkeep of the website. The retainer services are limited to maintanance efforts and minor design changes.

What extensive are your SEO services?

For now, we do basic search engine optimisation of the website. That means the website will:

  • Showcase the copy that you want to show on all major search engines
  • Have the relevant search engine tags for the search engine bots to crawl off
  • Not be blacklisted on search engines
  • Have a sitemap listed on major search engines

I'm not based in Singapore but I want to engage your services. How would that work?

About a third of our clients are not based in Singapore, and it has never been a problem for us to understand what people need and deliver based on those needs. And in fact, we also don’t meet half of our Singaporean customers in person. We usually communicate extensively through email and calls, which are as efficient as us showing up in person (your preference, of course!).

What if I am dissatisfied with your product?

We have so far 0 customers asking for refunds for our services. However, we understand that refunds are part-and-parcel of business. If you are dissatisfied with our product, following certain terms, we will refund you on all our labour costs.

How long does it take for you to create a website?

Two factors will heavily impact the speed of completion of a site.

First: the type of site (landing or full corporate sites). We complete landing pages usually in 1-2 weeks, and corporate sites in 4-6 weeks on average.

Second: availability of existing content. If you have all the information that we need readily available for the website, we will be able to deliver the site by the shorter end of the completion range given above. However, if the content is being created while we’re creating the website, there are usually a lot of back-and-forth’s which slow things down.

At what stage of our web planning process would it be best to contact you?

All stages! Whether it is from merely a concept of a business, or to the point that you already have some sort of wireframing done. In fact, almost most of clients come to us with zero or an extremely vague idea of how they want their website to look like. We just need one most important information: what is the website for? With that one single information, we can create a new online world for your organisation.

What if I need more services that is not covered in a particular package that you offer?

No worries! The package listing is a simple yet effective way for us to know the kind of website you need. Suppose you need a particular function that is not offered in our packages, let us know and we can prorate the cost for you. It won’t be much, promise!

What if I already have a website but not sure if I should have a redesign?

Sign up for a website audit with us! We’ll assess the site to see the goods and the bads of the current website that you have. Most of the time, the main issue with websites is that the design is out of fashion. Innovations in designs move very quickly, with many designers adopting new styles and technology, and sites often become obselete in a five year period without any updates to their design.